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How to Choose the Right Size Air Conditioning Unit for Your Home

Many people are interested in the question of what size and power an air-conditioner for your house or office is necessary. On this depends AC repairs and, in general, its further maintenance and operation. The bigger the premise (and the more partitions are in it), the harder it is to arrange fast and effective air-conditioning. To ensure that the equipment can properly cool the air, does not wear out quickly, and does not consume too much energy when choosing it, you need to:

  • Properly determine the capacity;
  • Choose the best type of air conditioner;
  • Choose the right variant of indoor units;
  • Choose a suitable manufacturer of climate control equipment;
  • To find a company that will perform quality installation and maintenance.

How to Choose a Brand of Air Conditioners and a Contractor to Service Them

The more powerful the conditioner is, the more expensive it is. When you are buying an expensive technique, you want to be sure of its quality, reliability, and longevity. That is why it is necessary to study the reputation of the producing company, especially of the chosen models of conditioners, and also the availability of professional installation and service.

Five best brands of climate equipment:

  1. Cooper&Hunter.
  2. Idea.
  3. Midea.
  4. Toshiba.
  5. Tosot.

A large selection of models will help you to find the ideal option in terms of price, power, and features. Products of these companies can maintain a comfortable working microclimate in rooms with a volume of 20 m2, with energy efficiency class up to A++. In addition to the reviewed options, we offer mobile air conditioners that are suitable for offices up to 35 m2.

The Best Choice

There are different types of air conditioners: mobile, convectors, and split systems. Mobile air conditioners are easy to carry from one room to another, it is often equipped with air cleaning and ionization functions. But there is a drawback – it is necessary to regularly pour out the water, which is set in a special compartment while condensing. In addition, the floor unit is not distinguished by a quiet operation. And it is convenient because it is not necessary to install it, making a hole in the wall. Accordingly, it is not necessary to call a master, which is cheaper.

The most popular use is split-systems. This kind of air conditioner not only cools the room in hot weather but also heats it in winter. In addition, such a system does not clutter the room. Split-system is placed under the ceiling and fits into any interior. Besides, if you need such climate control equipment in a big apartment or a house, you can purchase a multi-split system, which will make it possible to adjust the temperature in every room. It is true that this miracle of technology will cost 2-3 times more.

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