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Tips to Choose the Right Bathroom Tiles

One of the crucial elements of your bathroom design is tiles. They play a key role in making your bathroom functional and aesthetically appealing. Therefore, you must very carefully choose the tiles for your small bathroom idea. It may be a little confusing for many people as there are lots of bathroom tile designs available in the market. From the colour, size, pattern, and shape to the material and finish, every factor should be taken into consideration before finalising the decision. In case you are not sure about how to choose the right bathroom tiles, here are a few tips that will help you:

01 of 05 Determine the budget first

Budget is always one of the top aspects that influence the decision to choose your bathroom tiles. You must set a budget before you start looking for tiles. This is because there are plenty of tiles available in the market. While some are economical, others are very expensive. If you are working on a small budget, there is no point in exploring the expensive options. Therefore, it will help to narrow down your options and save time. Also, you will eliminate the risk of buying something very expensive that can affect your financial planning.

Just ensure that you make the right estimation. If you end up setting a very small budget, your kitchen might not appear the way you want it. Therefore, research the various options available before you reach a conclusion. It will help you to make the right estimation.

02 of 05 Look for a design

If you choose the tiles of your bathroom design randomly, the overall look of the space will fall flat. You will have to look for a design that will become the focal point in the bathroom. This will help to make the bathroom decor idea more appealing. The design can be anything you find interesting. Even a pattern or bold colour in one place can add more visual interest to the overall space. Depending on your preferences, you can either install this feature tile on the wall or the floor. However, the walls are preferred in most cases.  This is because floor tiles receive more traffic and hence, are susceptible to wear and tear.

03 of 05 Select the accent tiles

Once you have figured out the feature tile for your bathroom, you should now focus on the accent tiles. They are important to complement your feature tile design. Therefore, you will have to choose your accent tiles accordingly. Do not make the mistake of choosing too many bold tiles in the bathroom. If you already have a focal point, the other tiles will only distract the eyes. As a result, the overall look of the bathroom appears quite overwhelming.

In a bathroom design with a feature tile that will become the focal point, you should always look for bathroom tile designs that will not overshadow its look. It can be easily done by choosing simple options featuring minimalist designs and neutral colours. There are plenty of options that you can find in the market.

04 of 05 Choose your floor tiles

Once you have decided on the feature and accent tiles for your bathroom walls, it is time to focus on your floor tiles. Design should not be your top priority while selecting your floor tiles. Instead, you should focus on sturdiness and durability. As mentioned earlier, these tiles are susceptible to damage as they receive more traffic. You can find plenty of durable and sturdy options in the market. Another crucial factor that requires your attention is the anti-skid properties. Since the floor stays wet, the chances of slipping and falling are quite high. You can eliminate the risk by choosing anti-skid tiles. The rough surface allows a better grip.

Designs may not be the top priority, but it is also crucial. You will have to choose tiles that complement your wall tiles. If the floor and wall designs do not appear in harmony, your bathroom decor idea may not turn out to be very appealing.

05 of 05 Choose the right tile size

It may not seem like an important factor, but the tile size is important as well. The size will impact the overall look of your bathroom design. Therefore, you cannot choose any tile size randomly. One of the aspects you will have to consider while choosing the tile size is the room size. In most cases, large tiles are not used in small bathrooms. Instead, you should look for tiles that complement the size of your bathroom design. You can consider adding different tiles to different spaces as well. While your walls can have regular-sized tiles, you can choose small tiles for your shower area. In slightly bigger bathroom designs, large format tiles can be used for the floors.

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