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How to Work with an Interior Decorator

When you think of an interior designer, you think about an individual who is a specialist in aesthetics, a person who knows what furniture to purchase for your home and what colour wallpaper should go with it. But, interior decorators do much more, they create a unique environment in your home, a relaxed, harmonious living space that reflects your personality.

What does an interior designer do?

An interior designer is an expert at making your house a home, they know how to design a beautiful living space which reflects your lifestyle and personality. They work with clients when planning, decorating and setting the project, they listen to your overall goal and try to make your dream a reality. Interior designers aim to create an aesthetically pleasing environment which is functionally capable, they ensure that every detail fits neatly into their plans, and less glamorous features such as air vents and electrical sockets don’t stand out like a sore thumb. If you are based in the UK and you call the capital your home, there are numerous high-quality decorators available for hire, interior design in London is a busy industry and it is where most of the leading designers reside.

When should you hire one?

If you have a clear vision in your mind, it is better to discuss your concept with a trained professional. Interior designers are creative, innovative individuals who love to create inspiring environments for their clients, they’ll help you bring your vision to life by providing invaluable knowledge on areas such as space creation and colour aesthetics. Discussing your concept with an experienced professional is great for several reasons, they might have a great idea which you would never have thought of if you had of went ahead and tried to design the area alone. Although you might be very capable yourself, having an extra person on board, especially one with a trained eye, is always good for the success of the project.

What to look for?

No two projects are the same, so your interior decorator should be adaptable and willing to listen to your ideas. A top-quality interior decorator will effortlessly jump from a trendy, sophisticated urban dwelling to a rustic, natural farmhouse setting. Before you hire a designer ask them a few questions about their work, you can ask things like:

  • Do you have extensive experience in the industry?
  • Where did you go to university?
  • Have you won any awards or accolades?
  • Can I look at your work portfolio?
  • What kind of clients do you have on your books?

When you browse through their portfolio you should be able to get a sense of their work, it generally remains consistent throughout. Try to find the right fit for you.

Ask your designer if a refreshment is possible, not all designs stay current forever and you may want to redo parts of your project in the future. Interior designers are great for making your dream a reality, once you find the right one, they’ll listen, support, plan and create an awe-inspiring arrangement.

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