Ways to Keep Weeds out of your Pond

Weeds seem to be everywhere. They are in the grass, they are in the garden, they are even in the cracks of the sidewalk. In some places weeds are okay and in some places, they are not wanted. For most a pond is one of the places that weeds are not wanted. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small pond or a large pond, you want to be able to enjoy the pond and see what you have in it. If you have weeds seeping into your pond you may be wondering how to get rid of them. Here are a few ways you can try to get rid of the weeds in your pond.

The first way to get rid of weeds in your pond is by preventing them from getting there in the first place. Of course, how easy this is to do depends a lot on the size and location of your pond. If you have a large, naturally made pond this could be a challenge. On the other hand, if you have a smaller pond that you made yourself this will be a lot easier. If you can keep the immediate area around the pond clear of weeds, you will see a major reduction of how many weeds are in your pond. This is because it just makes it harder for the weeds to get there.

The second way to get weeds out of your pond is by manually removing them. Depending on what you have in your pond you can use a weed poison. If you have fish in your pond you will have to be more careful. The majority of the pond weed poisons that you buy from the store are not safe for fish. You can go online though, and find a variety of homemade “natural” pond weed killers that claim to be safe to use in ponds with fish. If you are uncomfortable with trying those out you can always just use a pond rake to rake the weeds out. Once again you can purchase these at multiple stores or online.

The third way to keep weeds out of your pond is to use a pond liner. These are nifty things that anchor into your ground and prevent the water from seeping out into the ground and the weeds from coming in from the ground. They come in all shapes and sizes and materials and can really save you a lot of work.

Weeds seem to be everywhere, but there are just some places we don’t want them to be. A pond is one of those places. We want to be able to see the pond and what’s in it, not a bunch of weeds. There are many ways to keep weeds out of your pond. You can keep the immediate area around your pond free of weeds, you can use a chemical or rake to get rid of the weeds and you can use pond liners to prevent them. Hopefully one of these will work for you!