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Installing Trim Around Interior Doors and Windows

As modern as dinosaurs notice says that windows and doors can say a lot about the people living behind them. Besides, framing the door or a window with correctly installed trim can take a room from good to great. Installing a trim around doors can look frustrating task. But you can install it yourself for big savings.

Discover how to make sharp corners and tight joints when installing door and window trim. With a few basic carpentry tools and a little patience, you can trim out a room in a weekend. With a little practice you can master key trim techniques necessary for door and window framing.

Step 1 – Preparation

Clear the room and make your cuts in the middle of the floor. Put a fan in the window if dust is a problem.

Step 2 – Drying and painting

Wipe the wood using the rag with wood conditioner, stain and polyurethane sealer. Let each coat dry before covering the next layer. Apply primer, allow it to dry, paint the trim in the colour you have chosen. Dispose any staining rags carefully in the trash to avoid spontaneous combustion.

Step 3 – Measuring

Wait until you trim get dried. Measure the area around the door or a window with a tape measure.

Step 4 – Cutting

Use a power miter saw for clean angle cuts. It vastly simplifies the job as it makes incredibly accurate cuts in a matter of seconds. (A miter saw is very powerful. Be sure to keep your hands well away from the blade and wear hearing protection and safety glasses when using it). Then, use a miter saw to cut the trim to those measurements, factoring in a 1/8″ reveal on the doorway. Cut the ends at 45-degree angles to fit around the doorjamb.

Step 5 – Glueing

Lay prepared trim on the floor in the required shape and apply wood glue to the cut side of the trim. After that fit the two sides together.

Step 6 – Attaching

Drill a small pilot hole through the top of the trim; sink a screw into the pilot hole. Then, use a finish nail gun to drive a finish nail into the opposite corner. Nail the rest of the trim into place.

Congratulations! You are a real professional now! Why not to open a small carpentry somewhere in Toronto?

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