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The Top 5 Types of Glass for Shower Screens

Shower screens are a good choice for every home, but as they’re regulated by The Building Code of Australia, you’re required to follow stringent rules on selection, materials, safety and installation. The glass for shower screens is Grade A, laminated and toughened safety glass. The minimum thickness is 4mm for framed doors and 6mm for partly or unframed doors.

There are two main things to consider when purchasing your shower screen: Will it complement and improve the ambience of your bathroom? And is it a quality item that’s both strong and easy to cleanTo help you find the right shower screens in Melbourne for your home, this article will take a closer look at the glass options available to you.

Standard Clear Glass

Toughened and tempered glass is the most commonly used type. It doesn’t restrict natural light, it makes the most of the available space, and it can even make small bathrooms seem bigger. In natural light, clear glass will have a slight green tinge.

Starphire Glass

Due to the iron particles in clear glass, it possesses a slight blue or green appearance. However, Starphire glass has had those particles removed, giving you a crystal clear finish that allows you to show off your shower features. Starphire glass is perfect for showcasing vivid colour schemes, marble surfaces or stylish tiles.

Acid Etched Glass

Acid etched glass lets in as much light as possible while still providing some privacy. At times, a silhouette is visible, but modesty is protected by a velour, opaque or satin finish. Finishes can be customised with your own design if you’re feeling creative or you’re trying to achieve a truly unique look for your bathroom. It takes specialised experts to create acid etched glass, but once installed the effects are truly stunning. The glass is also considered low maintenance,as fingerprint marks are less frequent than other finishes.

Sandblasted Glass

The frosted look of sandblasted glass is accomplished by blasting the surface of the glass. As with acid etched glass, sandblasted glass allowsyou to choose the level of desired opaqueness. The glass can be completely see-through or have zero opacity for total privacy. Zero opacity will distort your silhouette but still let some light through the glass. Sandblasted glass comes in a variety of detailed and ready-made finishes for buyers to choose from.

Textured Glass

As the name suggests, this glass finish gives a textured feel when touched. The surface of the glass is imprinted with a design or pattern, leaving you with a decorative screen that can be tailored to your desired opaqueness. The textured feel is enhanced when water is on the surface glass, and curious visual effects are created by the reflection of light. There’s also a wide range of finishes and designs to choose from.


There are many options available when it comes to glass for shower screens in Melbourne. Ultimately, a good shower screen door will provide the privacy you desire as well as a design that leaves you with a room you’re proud of.

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