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Important Differences Between Automatic & Manual Garage Doors

When it comes to a garage door, you’ve two choices – manual or automatic. When you decide to install a garage door in your home, you must make this crucial decision. There are pros and cons to both models, but automated garage doors are more popular than manuals. They are far more convenient, allowing you to operate them remotely as opposed to doing it yourself.

Safety Measures – Electric garage doors are safer than manual doors. You won’t have to worry about your garage door crashing down on somebody or trapping someone, they are equipped with all the latest technology to ensure they only go up or down when you give the command. Good quality electric garage doors also have sensors which stop them from closing when an obstacle is in the way. With a manual garage door, you don’t have these safety measures in place.

Convenience – One of the biggest benefits of having an electric garage door is convenience. You don’t have to step out of your car to open it. All you have to do is press a button on the remote and the door opens. This is perfect for when you enter your driveway in bad weather conditions. No more jumping out of the car in the lashing rain to open your garage door. You can also have the door programmed to your smartphone just in case you lose your remote or forget to put it in the car. Electric garage doors are great for anyone who is suffering from an injury or any other physical disability. You don’t need to put any physical effort into opening an automated garage door.

Home Protection – Manual garage doors are becoming less and less popular with homeowners for obvious reasons, one of them being protection. Manufacturing companies are focusing more on electric doors which means more attention is being given to this type of model. Once properly installed, they are extremely difficult to get open without the right authorisation. They come with added security features such as security pin code access pads which manual doors don’t have.

Hi Tech – As mentioned previously, electric garage doors have continued to improve over the years. The technology they use is state of the art, making them a lot more convenient and reliable in comparison to a manual model. All of these added features make them safer; they help to protect your family and your personal belongings. If you’ve a nice car sitting in your garage, a burglar will find it incredibly difficult to get past a modern electric garage door without alerting someone to their presence. In addition, automated garage doors come with a range of cool features such as smartphone apps and key ring remotes.

There are many differences between a manual garage door and an electric one. Automated garage doors offer you more security, better safety, more convenience and modern features that a manual door cannot compete with. If you already have a manual door in your property, you can upgrade it by speaking to a professional installation team.

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